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Beer from faucet

A woman in Norway gets beer from her kitchen faucet. A plumber made a mistake. Sure.

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I just booked my flight to Oslo.

I want to hire that plumber.

Beer? What kind of beer? Was it lager? Cold brewed?

I’m think a class act would have made it mead...something culturally consistent.

I’m also wondering why I’ve had trouble posting anything very long lately. Am I being filtered? And if this makes it on, am I being filtered for content?

Protectionism and Lincoln

What a *^%** filthy trick! You people are not allowing me to post anything that has both the words "Lincoln" and "socia...m" -- despicable.

I would be interested to hear why NoLeftTurns decides to filter something like that.

And if this makes it on, am I being filtered for content?

If I’m not being filtered, we can be certain that nobody is being filtered:-)

Holy cow! You’re not kidding, Dain!

By golly, you’re right ... that is wierd.

I just tried to post Lincoln loves "the S word" and it simply never appeared.

Why such simultaneously selective/random censorship?

it appears to be focused on the Zocial ... ist and zocial ... ism

not that surprising given the sites name, but still puzzling. Want if you wanted to be critical of S..ism or S..ists?

Your kinda screwed.

Unless this is some kind of glitch (and it’s hard to imagine it could narrowly focused), I think it’s disgusting that NLT would allow this to happen. It plays into the Leftist stereotype that the Right is into censorship and "rigged" games. For shame...Peter Schramm, for the good of our movement please explain this!

I will say that I’m relieved it’s not aimed just at me...getting paranoid in my old age, I suppose. Still, this smacks of Orwellian social control...let’s hope it’s just someone’s idea of a joke. Peter, please...let’s hear from you.

There are certain filters placed on comments to prevent the site from getting spammed. I don’t know why the "S" word is on the list of targeted terms, though (I just tried posting about that particular "ism" and the comment got deleted as well). But relax--it’s not a conspiracy.

John, that’s plausible. Please look into’s very irritating to post something long and then have it automatically deleted.

I agree wholeheartedly with Dain. Having one’s deranged attacks on Lincoln picked up by the spam filter is EXACTLY like the Orwellian world of 1984. I would say more, but THEY are always watching, and I do not want poor Julia to be fed to the rats as punishment for my thoughtcrimes.

Hey, (various and accurate profane expressions), bugger off. I had intended no deranged attack on Lincoln...I aimed only to point out that, according to Jonah and Peter’s logic, since Lincoln was an economic nationalist he was also a s..cial..t.

And somehow I doubt you are competent to determine what is and is not ’deranged," Big Brother.

The problem should be resolved now and my apologies for the confusion.

Far from some vast conspiracy to save Lincoln from accusations of socialism (see it works now!), it was a simple mistake on my part.

I edit the filter on the comments in an attempt to keep spammers from flooding our site with comments promoting everything from casinos to ring-tones and many unsavory things in between. One of our most frequent spammers are those who are wish to sell pharmaceuticals online, thus many of the names of the particular pharmaceuticals that they are marketing are banned words in the filter. One such drug is Cialis. Thus, anyone including the word "cialis" in their post would have their comment voided. Unfortunately, I wasn’t bright enough to realize that that particular word would have consequences beyond the deletion of spam. Again, my apologies for the oversight.

Perhaps the real question is, do the makers of Cialis realize that their drug is 2/3 of the word socialism?!?! Certainly this was no accident! Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him?!

Just kidding, just kidding…

Ben - you’re my hero!!!

What are the chances that the statement "Lincoln was a socialist" on No Left Turns was a result of a spam filter and not censorship. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in days.

Is censoring a blog really Orwell?

No, censoring Dain is apparently.

OK, have your fun. But when you invite people to make comments on a blog but then edit out some based on political content (which I thought was happening), yes, it’s kind of Orwellian. Forgive the hell out of me for becoming suspicious, but at least I have something of substance to say most of the time...Brook.


Thanks for the info. Pattern matching can be tricky, nicht war?.

No, Dain, a blog filtering content is not Orwellian. Dain makes the same mistake as the hippies who whined about "violations of First Amendment freedoms" when individual consumers chose to refrain from buying Dixie Chick albums after the group made anti-Bush statements. The key is public versus private action. If No Left Turns were to choose to censor some of Dain’s more extreme racist and xenophobic rants, they would be within their rights--after all, the web site is their property. Think of it like private property in general: just as homeowners can choose to exclude particular people (I think we can all guess how many immigrants have been to Dain’s house recently), so a private web site could limit access to those who violate their written or unwritten codes of conduct.

Speaking to the dunderhead who thinks he or she understands 1984, it’s a matter of truth in advertising. If comments are edited or deleted for political content then that needs to be stated that people can make these Libertarian choices you are referring to. Orwell comes in because he was discusses the ability of the government (in this case, NLT blog administration) to shape history and/or opinion through cynical manipulation of media. It’s a pretty good analogy, in my opinion.

As for my supposedly racist or xenophobic comments, kiss my ass. Edit that, Ben.


You just confirmed the previous commenter’s point by once again conflating government action with the NLT blog administrator. As for the "supposedly" racist and xenophobic comments, I think that Texas Dude and The Factmaster adequately established that, contrary to your assertions, the South will not rise again. And finally, your random "attack" on Ben seems unwarranted given that he established beyond doubt that your previous accusations of political content filtering were erroneous.

Well, I don’t recognize your name, stranger, so I suspect you are one of the many who create new names as you go along. Almost certainly one of my defeated foes...but, no matter. If you think that TexasDude or "The Factmaster" proved anything beyond their pitiful ignorance of the Constitution, then you are as unschooled as they are. Sad, really, that defense of the Constitution and a brave people’s right to determine their own government receives no support by the confused ideologues at NLT (both on the Left and Right).

And since I always seem to have so many enemies out their in NoLeftTurns land, I guess I’ll give you what you want. Go call someone else seem very good at it.

P.S. slam was directed at you...but you are the one who would delete me, thus the comment.

It should be noted that the South has already risen, just not in the way some would prefer.

Dain, how about this for substance: I can forgive you for being suspicious. I can even forgive you for assuming that your blogs were being edited for political content. What is difficult to forgive is your incredibly childish, rude & immature reaction to some very tongue-in-cheek blog-play.

You would be laughed at if you tried to bring a 1st Amendment lawsuit against this website into court. Seriously, you would have no merit in this case. You have no right to free speech on this website. Moreover, if your comments are censored on this website, that, in and of itself, could NEVER constitute a restriction of free speech for you could easily have you own blog or website to yell whatever you want as loud as you want. Also, you could also just as easily post your views on other blogs that may allow it.

In regards to truth in advertising, where on this site is there any stated policy of not editing comments or not censoring posts?

The use of 1984/Orwell is overused in general is most definately a poor choice for an analogy here.

Oh my God! I’m guilty of...of...a poor analogy! Break out the greenwood...I should be burned at the stake immediately.

TexasDude/Mr. O’Brien (same person?), if that’s all you’ve got then you are sad. Undoubtedly I actually read 1984 years before you were born, and maybe that’s why I drew the analogy. Most people think "Orwellian" means only a totalitarian state, but Orwell himself was much more interested in the manipulation of belief through language and censorship (he even wrote an essay on the subject). Your ignorance is appalling. Crawl back into that hole in Houston you live in.

Brook, I wasn’t the one who began to mock and Dan were. Mockery is hostility, dear, and even though your sorority sisters tolerate it well, some of us understand it for what it is. If my "immature" reaction offends you, then perhaps you should try to prevent it with a bit of civility and charity. The real sign of immaturity is failure to own your own actions.

I don’t live in Houston, I live near Dallas. We are not one and the same.

And since I always seem to have so many enemies out their in NoLeftTurns land, I guess I’ll give you what you want. Go call someone else seem very good at it.

And just think, you won’t have Dain to kick around anymore!

If my "immature" reaction offends you, then perhaps you should try to prevent it with a bit of civility and charity.

Two absolutely side-splitting moments in this thread 1) the revelation that "socialism" was being locked out because it contains "cialis" 2) hearing Dain lecture someone else on the need for "civility and charity."

As we say here in ol’ Jawja, "Doan let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha."

Dear Dimwit (sadly from Jawja, I guess):

I reconsidered when I realized that these name-callers really would like me to leave (you are a good case in point). And since you, too, seem to have been reading me for some time (why else would you comment on my track record), I must conclude that you are just another pseudo-intellectual I’ve broken on the wheel in some past thread.

As for civility and charity, I think I’ve shown my share...I typically respond to hostility rather than initiate it (although there have been exceptions, particularly when a ’history’ exists between me and another poster).

Orwell spoke extensively about the totalitarian state in which he meant not only the government, but society in general. In essays such as as "Prevention of Literature", he is clear that with a totalitarian society the literature cleary declines because of the imposed orthodoxy, be it by government, society, or self.

The problem is that even if one is censored on a website, there are plenty of other websites that will allow one to freely express whatever one wants and one could even create one’s own website to do the same. The totalitarian society is non-existant in this regards, China and other like countries notwithstanding. So, Dain, you could be censored on this website and still have your views heard via other websites or by other means. Your free expression is not hampered.

That is why your use of 1984 or Orwellian makes no sense.

What’s even funnier is how the comments from a blog about a woman getting beer from her faucet turns into an all out verbal battle regarding Orwellian censorship...

OK, understood, didn’t like my analogy. I think it was apt, but I didn’t mean it in the sense you’ve interpreted it to mean. Let’s leave it at isn’t an important matter.

Oh ... now, it is not important.

Yeah ... it sure was important enough for you to tell me and O’Brian to crawl back into our hole and other such pathetic statements.

Whatever ...

You know, with some folks, wisdom does not come with age.

It was NEVER important until you elevated an off-the-cuff remark into a Federal case. As for wisdom, I doubt you could find it with both hands in broad daylight.

What are you talking about Dain?

Do have reading glasses? No? Well, you need some.

You were gaggling about Orwellian long before I made a comment about the south.

Again, you prove that wisdom does not go hand in hand with age.

I was assuming you were using multiple names on this thread...and I still think that’s the case. Regardless, YOU are the one who can’t seem to let it go. How long have you suffered from compulsive disorder? And do you really think 1) you can PROVE that invoking Orwell is inappropriate in this context, and 2) that if you could it would matter? You can’t, and it doesn’t. Now go back to the clinic...someone needs to up your meds.

Once again, this post was about BEER! You all need to calm down and have a cold one. And if you don’t, Big Brother will be watching you.

War is peace. Lincoln is a socialist. Dain has only one critic.

Suits me, Dan/Brook/TexasDude/1984. Try to pick a single name next time.

Nope, no multiple names, I have been TexasDude ever since I started posted on this site. Matter of fact, I use that moniker on sites such as Polipundit and Captain’s Quarters. On Lucianne, I used to be known as 3M_TA3 until some folks took offense to that, then I went by dlm.

I am not sure why you think I am posting using multiple names. I have no reason to use multiple names. I am quite content to debate you or berate you, you choose, using only the name of TexasDude.

Yep, this thread was initially about beer, but it went askew not long after it started. It appears that Dain intended for such a thing to happen anyway when he thought he was being slighted by the powers that be on this site. However, I was also a willing participant in making the thread go astray.

They say we should respect our elders, however there are some who demonstrate that such resprect is not deserving.

I am not TexasDude, Brook, or 1984, or O’Brien, or anybody else. And I am not Dain.

Sure, whatever you ALL say. No problem.

Dain is not at war with Eurasia. Dain is at war with Eastasia. Dain has always been at war with Eastasia. evil filth!

I am Charlotte Simmons.

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