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Buchanan and his wrath

I bring this Patrick Buchanan op-ed ("Are the Neocons Losing it?") to your attention because Mr. Buchanan is a smart man. My blood is up because he has made a living out of rancor, and the misnaming of things. This has served him well even when it hasn’t served the cause he claims to represent, with utter and ever more boring self-serving righteousness, I might add. The Left MSM has put him to good use for their own purposes and Buchanan--it turns out--has and will continue to do anything for the sake of a mike and a camera, or a column. Too bad, and quite sad. I say this as one who came into politics in 1964 with Barry Goldwater, and one whose interest peaked when Reagan ruled, but I guess that’s not really conservative enough for Pat, who in his rage tries to readjust the past as he thinks he sees the future. I remind him that it is the jesters who often prove prophets, not the caterpillars of the commonwealth.

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"The purge Barnes recommends would have caused Stalin to recoil."

Buchanan’s comparison doesn’t work.

Now, I agree that the talk of replacing Cheney and his entire staff is ludicrous and wacky.

I admired Buchanan years ago when I was newly-conservative (’neo-conservative’?!!), but have since come to share the Usual Misgivings.

What can we say about a guy who’s still mad about not just The Great Society or even WW2, WW1 and the Civil War...but at the repeal of The Articles of Confederation? I’m expecting his withering critique of the Battle of Hastings any day now.

Still, when he’s right, he’s right. And he’s right about this Cheney resignation business. Perhaps because he remembers the Carl Albert presidency.

Pat has said many things I take exception to, but I disagree with your characterization of him as a glory hound. I think he is sincere...he represents the old populist sentiment in American polity. He was wrong about the war in Iraq, wrong about World War II, and wrong about Cheney and Co. Nonetheless, I think he is right about the (wrong) direction of this country. Anyone who reads his books comes away understanding that he loves his country and his people, and that establishes his bona fides with me.

He’ll never have friends at NLT because he is anti-globalist. Too folks should listen a bit. The "market" religion is a false god, and it makes a good segment of the Right just as ideological (and crazed) as the Left has been.

I agree with Dain about Pat. I once cheered "Go Pat Go!". But he’s an isolationist. Thats just not sane.

If America withdraws from the world, another Power will fill that vacuum. And it will be someone like Stalin, Hitler, or OBL. Better to fight them at the Rhine than at Normandy.

"Waale, there you go again, breaking the 11th commandment." Ronald Reagan.

Barnes should’a kept his mouth shut and Buchanan too.

Pat Buchanan is an a-one a-hole.

I wonder who "Dan" really is? His comments betray a certain...lack of...SUBSTANCE.

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