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Jeffrey Hart’s latest IED

Today’s LAT offers this Ineffectually Explosive Diatribe by Jeffrey Hart, who uses vast oversimplifications to accuse George W. Bush of being a right-wing ideologue.

Hart’s own position doesn’t seem to be that of a straightforwardly traditionalist conservative, crunchy or otherwise. In some respects (abortion and stem cell research), he sounds libertarian. In others (Iraq), he stands at the intersection of Buchananite isolationism and the Daily Kos. He favors conservation, as does Rod Dreher and as did Teddy Roosevelt (who probably would have invaded Iran by now).

I’ll agree that Hart is no ideologue, but I’m not convinced that he’s anything other than confused.

Jonah Goldberg’s takedown is quite effective. For further background on Hart’s current dyspepsia, there’s this, this, this, this, and, finally, this.

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Teddy Roosevelt (who probably would have invaded Iran by now).

If T.R. were President, the entire MSM and half the democrat party would be in jail by now...hmm...

Coughlanesque sigh...just kidding Coughlan, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

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