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Krauthammer lays the hammer to FF

Here. A snippet:

My argument then, as now, was the necessity of this undertaking, never its ensured success. And it was necessary because, as I said, there is not a single, remotely plausible, alternative strategy for attacking the root causes of Sept. 11: "The cauldron of political oppression, religious intolerance, and social ruin in the Arab-Islamic world -- oppression transmuted and deflected by regimes with no legitimacy into virulent, murderous anti-Americanism."

Fukuyama’s book is proof of this proposition about the lack of the plausible alternative. The alternative he proposes for the challenges of Sept. 11 -- new international institutions, new forms of foreign aid and sundry other forms of "soft power" -- is a mush of bureaucratic make-work in the face of a raging fire. Even Berman, his sympathetic reviewer, concludes that "neither his old arguments nor his new ones offer much insight into this, the most important problem of all -- the problem of murderous ideologies and how to combat them."

As they say, read the whole thing.

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Damn! How early in the morning do I have to get up to beat Knippenberg to the blog! I was going to blog this item here at 6:53 eastern time (I was going to call it "Fukuyama-Krauthammer Smackdown!"), and say "Ha! I beat Knippenberg for once." Nope.

Quarantine is the only solution to the pestilence of Jihadism. When such boorish behavior gets you shunned and isolated, you find another way.

For the record, I was writing a piece on FF last night for TAE Online. I googled Krauthammer. My first hit was today’s column. Imagine my pleasant surprise that I could contribute yet another item to the ongoing Fukuyamarama.

Sorry, Steve.

"Fukuyamarama"... might we just go ahead and use this term to define someone constantly choosing to be on the "wrong side of history"? It seem so appropriate. One might even add an "ism" when referring to large groups of useful idiots in the intellectual class. Like, "The faculty at Harvard seems to adopted Fukuyamaramism is it’s latest guiding prinicple."

Works for me! :)

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