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The protests in Paris are turning violent. It seems that anarchists are demanding job security (and where is Jean Paul Sartre?)! Dominique de Villepin will hold talks (with "no strings attached") with union leaders. It is a shame that de Villepin will not be around forever. Isn’t he fun to watch? Now, let’s see, what is the best way to retreat?

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They really have lost the plot. The French protest everything.

Wish us luck as we keep trying to drag them into the 21st century ...

You forgot to mention that Dominique is a man.

Why would anarchists demand job security from the government.

Isn’t that atypical of an anarchist?

Anarchists demanding job security is cute, but only a little siller than a conservative president growing the government at records rates every budget

Oooo . . . the Irony Award of the Day goes to "wm" . . .

Hold the award, Matt. I don’t think participation in a riot automatically qualifies a person as an anarchist does it? If so, then a whole lot of American college students - even the not-so-usual suspects in fraternities and sororities - must be of the anarchist persuasion come football championship season.

I didn’t see the words anarchy or anarchist in the Post article but, I did see this:

"The law, scheduled to take effect in April, would allow employers to fire workers under age 26 without cause during their first two years on the job."

No one likes to be fired or "let go" without a reason.

Blast . . . well, if they WERE anarchists, then I’d give "wm" the award . . .

I guess I could learn to read . . .

The French are trying to become like American. In America, at-will employment is the default position. Almost everyone who is not part of a union is at-will. If you look to the healthier sectors of the American economy, its employees are mostly at-will. I think at-will employment is the real reason America does so well economically.

The strugling sectors of the American economy are dominated by "just cause" employment--union employment. Perhaps the most contemporary example is GM. GM is losing billions each year (less demand for its wonderful cars), and yet cannot fire its employees because it would be too hard to do so because it would have to go through arbitration boards, possibly courts, etc. Process costs money. The recent Delphi deal illustrates this. It is so difficult to fire employees, GM is willing to pay them not to work. If I were Delphi’s CEO, or whatever they have,I would take the contracts to bankruptcy court, have the voided, and break the union. GM and Delphi (and Ford) will not be competitive as long as Unions are crazy with their demands.

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