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Newspapers dying

Newspapers are in trouble, but Glenn Reynolds doesn’t think it’s too late for imaginative newspapers to save themselves.

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RSS feeds are changing the nature of the beast. For those of us in the hinterlands and have had traditionally horrible newspapers it is nice to be able to get quality stories from a variety of sources. I recently attended a technology conference and the speakers topic was students having access to information via the wireless classroom. The catch phrase, "If your going to be naked -you better be buff!"
Although I will miss having to wash my hands after digesting the Sunday paper.

As a newsman myself, I agree with many of the sentiments here. I do agree that the newspaper industry needs to reinvent itself and focus more on news and less on advertising, but I think there is still a market for the printed copy. A lot of this country still doesn’t have access to the internet, and if newspapers could get the cost of their daily print editions down, they might be able to attract more readers.

In 1992, I cancelled my subscription to the L.A. Times in disgust. I thought then, and I still think now, that television and newspapers controlled the presidential campaigns that year, were anti-GHWB and pro Clinton. I also believed that these media would control all future campaigns and we as a nation would, as a result, spiral into socialism. Then came a confluence of talk radio Fox News and the internet. No doubt, GWB owes his presidency, especially the second term, to these 3 media. Thank you.

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