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No Left Turns

November, 2006

According to this article, Democrats have yet to settle on a way of nationalizing the upcoming election, which could make it difficult for them to wrest Congress from the Republicans. The electoral math is against them (only 32 competitive House seats, 11 currently held by Democrats, 21 by Republicans): they can’t run the table without something like the 1994 Contract with America. I suspect that, whatever they say, they’re going to rely on something like Bush fatigue, to which the response probably will be a reliance on Bush fatigue fatigue. In other words, I don’t think that an essentially negative campaign (likely, because negativism has dominated the Democrats since November, 2000) will succeed, but I also don’t think the Democrats will be able to find anything else to unite them and energize their base. Just as the Republicans in 1998 looked like the party of Clinton hatred, so the Democrats in 2006 look like the party of Bush hatred. Right now, I’d bet the big changes, if they come at all, will come in 2008.

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Two caveats: 1) Abramoff could take some people down -- and we haven’t necessarily heard all those names yet, perhaps not even most of them. 2) Retirements -- there may be more to come on the GOP side.

Republicans aren’t any less negative than the Democrats.

All they ever do is yammer on about how anybody who disagrees with Bush is a terrorist-sympathizing traitor.

The shinola has worn off that little game; too many dead soldiers to ignore now, too many failures by a government controlled entirely by Republicans to hide by just waving the flag around and yelling about patriotism all day long.

This government has really tarnished the image of what it means to be an American, and has weakened us in many way, not least with that massive deficit.

These things and many more are starting to sink in to a population that is getting a little sick all the bad decisions.

Listening to Rush or Limbaugh for even a small amount of time would dispel the myth stated by Taylor.

Sorry, but there has been plenty of criticism of the President by the Republicans and conservatives.

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