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Oprah and Mansfield

I am told by a reliable source that the April issue of Oprah’s magazine (not on line yet) has an interview with Mansfield on manliness and Manliness. If this is true then the book will really outsell Bloom’s, as I’ve been predicting. Good.

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Didn’t Bloom appear on Oprah at one point?

I’ve been reading his book! Mansfield is speaking on Wednesday in D.C. and Spalding and I are planning to attend. The book has been good so far... However, he’s very blunt. He really just says it how it is. I find that his language is strong even for this Conservative woman. I tend to agree with him, but I have been offended at some of the things he has said. Maybe he was trying to be controversial (which undoubtedly he is), but I think that we’ve still got to be careful about the language we use. I wouldn’t expect nor want a book on manliness to be politically correct, but Conservatives need to be very careful about how they state their argument... we need to earn the right to be heard. On the other hand, I just started reading it last night so I’ll hear him out and see if my opinion changes.

I’m expecting MANsfield sfield (I bet he regularly thanks the Lord that he doesn’t have the surname "Lily" or the like) to give a casual mid-interview endorsement for what surely must be his favorite lunch meal -other than steak & potatoes, of course- the Manwich!! Or maybe arrangements will be made to have a Manwich ad placed in the middle of the interview itself. Maybe, too, MANsfield will regale Oprah’s readers with testosterone-charged tales of how he helps his lovely, but oh-so-feeble, wife to open the Manwich cans.

I’m sure that The Men of No Left Turns get pretty drained after a few hours of Plato-preaching, Evil-fighting, or...umm...blogging. Well, anyway, I’m sure there’s nothing you ivory-tower vikings appreciate more after a hard day of work than a huge platter heaped high with Manwiches! After all, a sandwich is just a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal! Dig in, fellas!!

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