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Shelby Steele

The American Enterprise has a good interview with Shelby Steele. Just one example:

"TAE: What is the glue that holds the black vote to the Democratic Party?

STEELE: Politically, black America is almost socialistic. There’s a feeling that the government is the vehicle that’s going to lift us to equality, and without the government, we’ll never make it. Black America has suffered from this delusion since the 1960s. It’s gotten to the point where we’ve now made affiliation with the Democratic Party an aspect of the black American identity. No matter who the Democratic nominee is, they get 90 percent of the black vote in every single election. If you are black and not a Democrat, it’s said you’re not authentically black—the civil rights leadership vigorously enforces that. So you have this disjuncture in black life: we’re culturally conservative, but politically, we are far, far left."

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"Black America has suffered from this delusion since the 1960s."

Notice, the question was not about the Republican Part. For instance, it was not, "What is it about the Republican Party that Blacks find abhorrent? Instead, an entire ethnic group is "delusional." Good answer. Blacks should come flocking to the GOP with representation like that!

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