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France Surrenders Again

Well, that was fast: Chirac has caved to protesters and revoked the new youth labor law.

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While my background is French, I am no avid lover of the French’s profound will to appease at all costs.

I mean, for crying out loud, around the year 911 A.D. or so, Normandy was created by the French giving land to the Paris-invading Vikings to help keep the peace.

Anyone surprised by this? Not me...

Dain, would your prescription to France’s ills involve loading the protestors onto trains (in this case high-speed trains - haha), by any chance??

Not if boats would be more effective.

What a country! The Pres. can simply revoke a law legislatively enacted?? How bizarre the democratic form of government the French revel in. And to think my misguided kids have learned French, which I pray they will never put to use over there.

As Karl Marx might have said...

"Socialism is the opiate of the masses."

Just my $.02

why do you hate the french so much???? it borders on being irrational.

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