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Good question

Anne Applebaum asks it:

There’s a lot of earnest, even bipartisan talk nowadays about the need for clean, emissions-free energy. But are we really ready, politically, to build any new energy sources at all?

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It is a good question. I think NIMBYism has always existed and will always exist. It is just something to accept. If one buys a lot, builds a house and has a beautiful, pastoral view, they would not want to see that neighboring land developed into a strip mall, factory, housing development, etc.

I do believe however, that we as a Country are more than ready for clean-energy. I guess as far as building wind farms goes, it might take a while in areas to get proper zoning, public acceptance, etc. as with a lot of developments. Hopefully, the proponenets will make a better case than the detractors and many of the projects will be successful.

When the alternatives include nukyoolar power pants, sending our children to fight in the Middle East, 4.00/gal gasoline, dead rivers, acid rain, dependence on hostile nations, destroyed mountan tops, destroyed wilderness, perhaps the country can get behind a few windmills.

But, FMG, what about the poor birds that get caught in the rotors?

I predict that a few generations hence, the bird population will be enhanced via (a) bird-flu-resistance, and (b) rotor-detection-and-avoidance systems.

This would, of course, occur through natural selection, and not intelligent design.

In that case, bring on the windmills!

What is wrong with Nuclear power? (didn’t you guys watch the Simpsons episode where the atom explains the process?)

In all seriousness what is wrong with Nuclear?

In all seriousness what is wrong with Nuclear?

Not a damn thing, as long as the plants are being built in India. With the consent of the electorate I hasten to add.

Can you say NIMBY?

Can you say NIMBY?

Hey! I said with the consent of the electorate!!! India is a democracy, if their politicians convince ’em ... thats OK by me.

More oil for us eh? Nuthin’ wrong wit dat’ ... as long as it’s all consensual like.

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