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Helen Thomas Endorses McCain

Helen Thomas, the joke of the White House press corps, endorses John McCain in this column.

Well, not really. What she says is this: "If [McCain] wins the presidency, the country can expect a continuation of Bush’s aggressive foreign policy and ultra-right domestic programs."

Say, McCain is sounding better and better all the time.

(Note to NLT commenters: I’m being ironic. It’s an update to this McCain postfrom 10 days ago, commenting on the growing media onslaught against McCain. Right on cue, here comes the reliable Helen Thomas.)

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Sorry, Hayward - you know that Thomas has NOTHING on the Right’s prostitute (truly a double entendre here!)/journalist, Jeff Guckert/Gannon. HE is "the joke of the White House press corps."

Why would you think her a joke? She is an established journalist with a mind boggling 57 years of experience.

The only joke is that the "war president" is so terrified of this slight, elderly lady, that she has been consigned to the back row and is almost never called upon in the press briefings.

Now THATS a joke.

No, Helen’s the joke...and if you don’t think so, you must not live in this country. Oh, that’s don’t!


Sorry but you are wrong. She has her own seat (cleary marked I might add) and it is 2nd to the left in the front row. By the way, she wasn’t called on for a while because she never asks questions. All she does is spout off and ramble on about conspiracy theories.

Helen Thomas is a joke and a very bad one at that.

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