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While the media is sharpening its axe for McCain, Jonathan Alter gives MItt Romney a good review in Newsweek. Think maybe the media wants a GOP horserace in 2008?

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I have to have more solid reasons to support McCain than the fact that MSM has decided they don’t like him as much as they used to. In 2008, I intend on voting for a Presidential candidate, not against the news media no matter how tempting.

Besides, isn’t it nice that they are finally coming around to see him for what he is, and not just as their pet maverick Republican? This cannot be a bad thing.

On the subject of Romney:

Isn’t it refreshing that there is someone who is actually getting bi-partisan support? And on a fairly hot-button item, too.

The "take no prisoners" approach to politics that is so prevalent today needs to cool down. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap of, "We are against it because you are for it. We are for it because you are against it."

Brian, you tend to be a one-trick pony.

Anyway, did you actually read the article or just skim it?

Now, how can you honestly say that Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood are looking for global peace with a one-world outlook, vision, and possible government?

This article is full of feel-good nonesense and truly doesn’t seem to understand the very folks they are talking about or even the very basics of the issues at hand.

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