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Being middle-aged these days (aaaaghh!!), I seldom stay up late enough to see Saturday Night Live anymore. So I missed Al Gore in his comedy debut (some would say his comedy debut was his 1992 book Earth in the Balance, or his 2000 campaign). The complete video can be viewed at Expose the Left. (Idle query: who needs to "expose the Left" when they’re so busy exposing themselves?? Never mind.)

The parallel universe Gore paints is, of course, a liberal fantasy, bit who doubts lots of libs think it plausible.

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Complete and utter lunacy. Scary to see that good ole Al still cannot let go.

Oh come on, it was just a bit of harmless self promotion, and it was moderatly funny.

Why reinforce the stereotype of the humorless conservative, when you have GWB doing such a sterling job all by hisself?

Actually I think Gore’s appearance should worry us in another way--it is yet another sign that he is following the Nixon model of the 1960s. Nixon, after all, did a turn on "Laugh-In" in 1967, part of his bid to re-invent himself to run for president again.

Come on, Brian -- This is Hayward you’re talking to. Ever heard him speak? The very name "Steven Hayward" negates all of these "humorless conservative" stereotypes you talk about.

As an SNL devotee, though, (and one who takes the position that the show has taken an alarming decline in the last two or three years), I have to point out that it wasn’t Gore’s debut. He guest hosted an entire episode a few years ago. It was painful to watch.

Gore was funny. It was just plain fun, and there was a self-effacing moment or two, as well. Something about a weather control device that he had invented? Still, I am not going to suggest that righties should ignore the serious implications. Maybe you should devote a think tank to the subliminal messages, the hitorical precedents, and the political ramifications of Gore’s appearance on a comedy show. Stay busy. Idle hands, you know!

It looks like Al is going to run.

Which is going to make for some interesting theater come the ’08 campaign, for we will see Al and Hillary battling for the mantle of the "Clinton legacy." Each is going to be trying to claim the lion’s share of credit for the perceived successes of the Clinton years.

I have no doubt it will be hillarious.

So can Al be considered the William Jennings Bryan of the 21st Century? Or the patron saint of lost liberal causes?

I would have to say the Patron Saint for lost liberal causes would have to be ...............TA DA.......BOB SHRUM.

What is he now, 0 for 8, something like that.

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