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Black Republicans, underdogs?

In a long article, Dan Balz of the WaPo asks what Blackwell, Steele, and Swann have in common. Should the Dems be worried? Balz is quick to point out that he three candidates all trail their Democratic opponents in opinion polls, etc. But I think the Dems ought to be worried, very worried.

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The point is that the base supporting these guys is a conservative Christian one. There is more cross-support there than the rest of the country knows. Christian values cross racial lines. We’re in Right to Life together, in Youth with a Mission together, in groups that support homes for unwed mothers, all kinds of things. I know Dan Balz is not thinking in those terms, but that is why these guys are going to win. When these guys articulate the kind of message that motivates those churches and faith-based groups, well, those are people who LIKE to be doing something to make America a better place for their children to live.

Are those who vote for Strickland or the other Democrats not "doing domething to make America a better place for their children to live?"

JW--Whatever good is done by folks voting for Strickland and other Dems to make America a better place for their children to live, is nearly undone with their votes. Their votes guarantee that even more good work will be needed to make up for the harm their voting does to the country.

They’re all underdogs, Blackwell somewhat less so.

We need to remember that the Democratic junk food tastes good to a lot of people. Many are addicted to it.

Sorry, Ken. Glad you beat that old houndog Petro in the primary, but I’m voting for this guy.

Turnpike slush funds and blind stock trusts? I’ll pass.

Besides, I’m still sore over the lack of third-party status afforded Badnarik in ’04. Technicality my eye!

Third-party talk, at this juncture in history, is a fool’s game. It is exactly what the Democrats want us conservatives to be doing.


Perhaps a fool’s game -- but one I’m willing to participate in. As I have commented here before, any notion of Conservativism that I am familiar with has all but withered away from today’s political arena, dominated as it is by the two major parties.

I should vote for Blackwell because I view him to be "less liberal" than Strickland? It is that sort of voting that I absolutely refuse to do.

If you think my vote is wasted, and by somehow voting 3rd party, I’m helping Strickland - I either cast my lot with someone who actually believes my brand of conservativism, or I’m staying home. No more taking the lesser of two evils; ultimately, both are still evil.

Sorry I have not been back for a bit, JW. Although, thank you Julie, for a correct response to his question.

No, voting for Strickland, with an ADA rating even stronger than Kucinich’s, is not going to do Ohio nor America any good at all. While the current Republican administration in Ohio appears merely to be failing Ohio in a lesser degree than any conservative would expect a Democrat to do, it is a matter of degree. And that is a pity. Not to have resolved school funding issues (speaking to a parental topic) satisfactorily after all of these years is saddening, but we can thank our Ohio Supreme Court for landing us in that soup in the first place.

If your point is that you would refer to those voting for Strickland, et al, as those are people who LIKE to be doing something to make America a better place for their children to live. in that hey would like to do so by voting for Dems. Well, as Julie says, they are just mistaken in the fact, though not in the sentiment.

But Shawn, listen to Blackwell. Really listen and try to hear a non-conservative idea. Those of us who have been listening to him for a while are well satisfied with his conservatism.

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