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Can We Kiss and Make Up?

Jed Babbin has a thoughtful examination of the troubles brewing between conservatives and the President. Do we need to enter couples therapy to avoid the divorce that will, as he puts it, give Nancy one house and Hillary a white one?

Babbin thinks, "[w]hat drives conservatives bonkers is Mr. Bush’s failure to speak and act decisively on the problems we think most urgent." Uhhhhh . . . yeah. That about sums it up.

On the other hand, saying that is not such a good starting place for therapy. Why not, as they say, let’s discuss the things we like about each other? I’ll go first: W., I like it when you talk tough. I loved it when you, standing at ground zero in front of the firemen, spontaneously told the terrorists they were going to hear from all of us soon. That was very, very fine and an inspiring moment that has carried me through many a hard journey with you. Because when you said that, I knew you meant it. I knew then that whatever may be our disagreements about this or that particular thing involving the carrying out of the war, you mean business about conducting it and you’re going to do the best that any man possibly can given the circumstances. You made me trust you. So I guess what I’m asking for here is another example of that. Can you inspire us all in the right direction here? How about let’s quit talking about policy for now and talk about what it means to be an American? I’m for (and I think most folks are for) letting anyone who really wants to sign up for that difficult job have a go at jumping through the hoops. But let’s be clear about what an American is first. Then, when I trust you again, we can have a grown up discussion about what those hoops should be. O.K., your turn.

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No, Julie, let’s not get all warm, fuzzy and symbolic. Let’s not kiss and make up (a distinctly feminine metaphor). If Bush will abandon his astonishingly foolish proposals regarding guest-workers (look how well it worked out for Turkey!), pick his SC nominees A LOT more carefully, and use his VETO on excessive spending (already!), then I’m prepared to stop complaining. Hell, I might even vote for GOP candidates in 2006 -- but only if I start getting represented. We are not milkcows...I think the GOP has mistaken us for the Democrat rank and file.

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