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Gore and Perot

Here is the New York profile of Al Gore (is he running?). Do note, as Byron York does, this comment by Gore on the Perot factor in ’92 and ’96:

"In both 1992 and 1996, Bill Clinton and I were very fortunate to have a significant third-party candidate that drew virtually all of his votes from the Republican nominee. By contrast, in 2000, there was a third-party candidate drawing from me."

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In his signature fashiion, AG EXAGGERATES the impact of Perot. Still, he surely would have won had RP run a third time and got a few percent.

I’ve got a mental image of Gore running as a green peacer after he loses the nomination to Hillary, becoming her Al-bat-Ross Perot (not that she’ll need one to lose).

Just about every study done on the Perot effect indicates that he drew almost equally from the parties and that overall he had almost zero impact on the election.

I do not think this is a case of Gore exaggerating so much as it is a case of him buying into conventional wisdom that lots of conservatives like to repeat.



You are insane. Why don’t you bother to post that these "studies" came from the left as a response the to "Perot gave Clinton the win" crowd...

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