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Libertarians and Real ID

David Schaefer patiently explains why libertarians are wrong about the Real ID Act.

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All this author has done is to further exemplify the omnipresent contradictions in what passes for 21st Century Conservativism.

If it’s acceptible to register our Citizens in the interest of security, then similarly, our Weapons, too.

The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. -- Milton Friedman

Ahhhhh, yes Capitalism and Freedom.

I think you forgot too that you Can’t increase the role of government without taking about personal freedoms.

You critics need to re-read the article, not to mention the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. If government does not provide security for our liberties by taking measures that actually protect them, what then is it authorized to do?

Mr. Reeb

While I agree with your premise, that to actually have and enjoy liberties, they must be secured.

We disagree on methodology, first and foremost; secondarily, and more to my original point -- what "Conservatives" seem to have a knack for doing, especially in the post 9-11 world, is to introduce arguments in defense of policy that are similar in nature to that espoused by liberals.

Real ID is no different. Conservatives blast Liberals for their views on gun control, and the weapons registration associated with it. But are quick to jump on the RealID bandwagon, which seems little more than a national registry of citizens.

As I said - it’s okay to register citizens, but not weapons? And we’ve not even begun to discuss, in theoretical terms, of course, the effectiveness of this program.

My guess - not very.

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