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Remember crunchy cons?

The Washington Post has gotten around to giving Rod Dreher its gentle star treatment, with a very long profile beginning on the front page of the Style section. Whether this is the beginning of the end of Rod Dreher as a conservative pundit or the end of the beginning, I don’t know.

I learned one thing: on one dimension of crunchiness, the Knippenbergs win--my wife not only bakes our bread, but grinds the wheat herself. (Fie on those who shop at Whole Foods!) O.K., O.K., we don’t have two big millstones and a running stream, but I’ll take this small victory. (Oh yes, and we buy our wheat from a business run by a home school family.)

Dreher blogs now, by the way, here.

Update: Because I know that so many of you care about this, I thought that I’d give you breadmaking supplier’s website. If this isn’t crunchy, I don’t know from crunchiness.

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Oh yeah, we make our own shoes - no giving in to BIG SHOE COMPANY BIRKENSTOCK. No way, man, that’s just the commodification of the feet.

We are *way* more crunchy than you...

This is pretty funny. Dreher an American "church shopper" who’s made a stop with the Catholics and now thinking about switching over to the more incense-ridden Orthodox (crunchy incense! I remember enough about the incense of the Sixties...). As a follower of the late, great Dr. Atkins, I don’t bake my own bread for fear that I would eat it.

Dude, make your own shoes?? Out of what? Leather? Slaughtering and skinning innocent co-sharers of the earth for your podiatric pleasure? I and my co-equal mate and offspring walk mother Gaia barefoot, and we are thankful.

We are way more crunchy dude, want some grass and bark for lunch?

Ever eat a pine tree?

Grass murderer!!!

Come on people now!

Smile on your brother (or sister),

Try to love one another.

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