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More civil, more orderly, more deliberative? Who could have predicted that? Certainly not those who voted against him!

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Even those who voted against Roberts’ confirmation seemed to be dazzled by his intelligence, depth of preparation, and charm. So I don’t understand this post, especially since Greenhouse observes that Justice O’Connor’s absence may help account for the change.

It seems to me that many accused Roberts of being a narrow, aggressive partisan. Narrow, aggressive partisans don’t encourage deliberation, but rather ram their views through. Roberts, CJ, doesn’t fit the caricature his opponents painted of him.

We must have been listening to different people. I admit I tend to ignore extreme partisans. In this case, calling attention to them probably doesn’t well represent the dominant spirit of the debate over the Roberts nomination.

After your first comment, I went back to statements made by Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Also, if you don’t pay attention to extreme partisans, does that mean that you pay attention only to those Democrats who, say, voted for the confirmation of Roberts? If so, then you can’t pay attention to the leadership of the Democratic Party or to its likely 2008 presidential contenders.

However conducive to sanity such a strategy may be, it doesn’t enable one to understand much about the current character of the Democratic Party.

Thanks for the instruction. We all have our extremists to bear.

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