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A Happy Anniversary

Glen Reynolds reminds us that this is the 60th anniversary of the bikini. This article includes a slide show!

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Boy does my typing stink. I really need to lay off the sherry before lunch.

Wasn’t that Sherry in the slide show? How would that affect your typing? Oh, never mind.

Nice slide show. However, with so many of the women out there who should clearly not be wearing one because they are so fat, I almost regret the bikini.

Steven, you still didn’t get it quite right - it’s Glenn - with two ’n’s - Reynolds.

Also, should we values-oriented conservatives really be celebrating the anniversary of the bikini? What next, the anniversaries of Playboy and Penthouse magazines?

Playboy was founded in 1953, Penthouse in 1965, so there won’t be any major anniversaries for several years.
Just trying to be helpful.


Should value-oriented people not recognize and enjoy beauty? (Penthouse not included )

I think we can just enjoy being "manly."

Boy, Will, you have a little too much knowledge of these things - purely a historical research point of view and knowledge of modern American culture, I’m sure.

Oh, come on, Fred! Are you really going to argue that bikinis are "swimwear"? This is just sexual bra and panties for the beach! Their anniversary is nothing to celebrate. Their acceptance was a detour from the road of appropriate, humble clothing, a detour from morality. Just try having a family outing to a beach where half the young women have their derrieres hanging out and their breasts are 90% exposed!

I want to know what beach Jim goes to.

LOL, I heard that, Mr. Hayward!

But in all seriousness, I have to agree with Jim. I think bikinis are just another sign of moral decay, and a true conservative can’t just selectively look the other way on that topic. Besides, Tony brings up another good point- even if you don’t mind the abundance of exposed flesh in attractive young women, there’s certainly a case to be made about the offensive nature of the bigger gals stuffing themselves into bikinis!

Hey Jim, maybe you can celebrate the anniversary of the burqa.

Hal, quit trying to stab me with your Morton’s Fork. Society has more choices than just the extremes of the burqua or the bikini. I don’t like either extreme one bit. Do you think that Christine Agalerra would be peddling her porno perversions on our televisions if it weren’t for the "progress" brought forth by the bikini and Playboy (and similiar) magazines? Celebrating the bikini anniversary is celebrating a triump of the amoral liberals who’ve been wrecking our culure for some time now.

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