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Black-Latino tensions

This Newsweek article is not great, but the fact that it appears is significant. I have been watching these post-Katrina racial tensions and they are being noted.

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Any ideas on how such tensions could be reduced (Peter, or anyone)?

To Craig: Note the next to the last sentence of the piece: " is almost always easier to see the things that divide Americans than to see what binds—or should bind—us together." This is especially true if that’s what you have been doing for about a generation (the pluribus instead of the unum, multiculturalism, etc.). Getting back to first things will not mean that every problem will be solved (there will always be factions, including ethnic ones, etc), but it should moderate things by making the factions realize that they have to agree on the principles and also noting that the benefit of one faction is not therefore a disadvantage to the others. In a regime of freedom, wellbeing and prosperity is not a zero sum gain: the pie grows (and stop arguing about government benefits, as if that’s what it’s all about.)

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