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Evangelical evolution?

E. J. Dionne, Jr. wonders whether evangelicals are mellowing. His reflections need to be read in conjunction with this, this, and this.

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YES, mellowing as they listen to Condi!!! Look I pray that the SBC will stay conservative, and believe that this is a move towards keeping it Biblical and conservative. Since the last election, I have been speaking out to my religious friends trying to warn of the dangers of too close a tie between religion and politics.

I am staunchly conservative both politically and religiously. The point of politics is to better life in this world; religion is a mixture of this worlds actions with the afterlife promise. Religion is definitely the greater as it provides for both body and soul; politics can only suffice for one. So the point of religion is less changing politics on a national scale and more changing individuals for God. Christians must not ignore politics, but politics must be secondary to the work of the Lord. The recent marrying of religion and the GOP is a sign of weakness in the Church.

Churches have by-and-large failed to change peoples lives through God, so they have looked to politics. The SBC is about God, but not mad about it. I am hopeful that a reknewed focus in the SBC and all religion will guide Christians back to changing lives through God, not government. If this is Page’s direction, he is the right choice. Politics is fickle and ultimately worldly, but a life changed through Jesus is one changed and saved forever. So please, Jesus First, Jesus as the social force of change, leave the politics to the individual. This is the mark of a strong Church and a strong nation.

I sense -- I can’t really articulate it or prove it -- that there’s a reawakening of sorts going on in the church. It has something to do with a refocusing on the basics; a fresh look at Christ and our response to Him. I’ve heard and read in many different places things along the lines of "the church has been good at making baby Christians, but not very good at helping them grow up." Perhaps what Dionne writes about is part of what I’m sensing.

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