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Kurtz on marriage issues

Stanley Kurtz has been a busy guy. This article surveys the European and American sociological literature on gay marriage, concluding:

Shifting to a broad “menu” of experimental family forms may feel liberating to some, but it is really a recipe for thinning out society’s commitment to children. Each unconventional experiment reinforces the others, ultimately yielding a significantly less stable family regime. Which is to say, gay marriage undermines marriage. Or, as we say in some precincts, the “queering of the social calls into question the normativity and naturalness of heterorelationality.”

This one focuses on polygamy and polyamory, raising serious questions as to whether those marital forms are consistent with democracy (I’d say democratic republican self-government).

Both are worth reading.   

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Watch Big Love for hope that polygamy is our rights-based and vain day and age is just too tough on men. But there’s no way that a state’s choice of polygamy would be unconstitutional. And if marriage is not intrinsically between a man and a woman but any two individuals, then the next step in evolutionary our view of liberty is to understand that the word two is as tyrannical as the words men and women.
When two or more gather together...

Yes, but more should be said, and has.

I appreciate the clarification, "democratic republican self-government". Sometimes I have a difficult time figuring out what people are talking about when they they use the word "democracy"...

If we had real leadership in the White House, we’d have heard this from the president. Increasingly it is my sense that GWB simply doesn’t understand our times.

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