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New recruit to the blogosphere

My favorite Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist has decided to start a blog.

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"Thinking Right: Jim Wooten’s Common Sense Conservatism"

Great name! He’s right-wing, but he’s also (playing on the other meaning of "right"), importantly, CORRECT. He thinks RIGHT. Plus his conservative ideas are just common sense!


What’s also nice is that he too is using the dual meaning of right/left turns, just like No Left Turns. No Left Turns! "Lots of room in cyberspace for right turns"

Driving through the blogosphere, changing the political landscape....or BOTH??

Given Wooten’s competition on the AJC op-ed pages (principally Cynthia Tucker), his opinions do seem rather commonsensical. I don’t always agree with him, but certainly more than I agree with Tucker or the other members of the AJC editorial board.

Isn’t describing opinions with which you agree as "common sense" more than a little self-serving?

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