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I wonder if Mr. Knippenberg would describe this one as "unsubtle and ideological".

If Saddam is getting tattoos to make note of his American allies - something which I kind of doubt, as Islam forbids tattoos (maybe, like Julie Ponzi, they see them as indicative of something "horrifying") - then shouldn’t we also see his Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, John Murtha, Arlen Specter and "Everyone Who Questions Anything Done by the Bush Administration" tattoos, as well?

And are you guys seriously ready to consider the Wall Street Journal a treasonous enemy of the state?:

"The Wall Street Journal had been working on the banking story for a long period of time but did not reach the point of having enough information to publish until Thursday afternoon, according to a staffer who declined to be identified because the newspaper is making no public comment. The Journal does not know why Treasury officials made no appeal against publication in that paper, but editors assume that by then the officials were resigned to the fact that the details were coming out, the staffer said."

Maybe Osama needs a "Treasury Officials" tattoo, as well?

Bend over!

Hello Ben its nice to meet you. Scary!

But I thought they hate our freedoms!

It’s like the old joke about the American visiting the Soviet Union. He boasts to a Russian that in his country he’s free to criticize his government. The Russian replies, but we have the same freedom! We, too, are free to criticize the U.S. government!

The Times deserves this! And maybe contempt citations if its reporters don’t reveal their sources.

Islam forbids a lot of things that the Islamists do, so?

The editorial page of the WSJ tone does not resemble the tone that the rest of the paper tends to have.

Anyway, while the WSJ was working on the story, they had the sense to realize that it was not the best time to let out to the public. Maybe they weren’t thinking in terms of national security, but they didn’t run with the story, now did they?

Congrats to Ramirez. This cartoon represents exactly the seething rage and furious contempt that all Americans who are serious about defending should feel, and express, repeatedly and tirelessly and loudly, toward these newspapers.

Our Republican "leadership" in Washington doesn’t show it, but we need to. We’re either serious or we’re not.

Congrats to Ramirez. This cartoon represents exactly the seething rage and furious contempt that all Americans who are serious about defending should feel, and express, repeatedly and tirelessly and loudly, toward these newspapers.

You’re kidding, right? I’m not "serious" about defending the United States if I think the New York Times should be allowed to publish information it digs up, regardless of what that might do to the "War on Terror"? Personally, I think it was irresponsible (the reporting on the freezing of bank accounts), but what moron leaked them the information? Fire that guy. Don’t get rid of the "Times".

As for the banking of phone conversations . . . I’m pleased with that discovery. Without that kind of thing, we would have a much harder time keeping check on what our government is doing (wrong). The United States is a wonderful place, but it’s not wonderful simply because it’s still around. It’s wonderful (in lots of ways, but specifically) because I can call my buddy Allan in Dallas and talk about how wrong he is when it comes to politics (without thinking my government may be recording me for quality assurance). Fun fun.

The model whereby government officials have all the responsibility to keep secrets and the media have none isn’t appropriate. The NYT is a corporate citizen of America, and it has the obligation to use discretion in this instance. What they did was irresponsible, and they should be prosecuted (along with those governmental officials who leaked the story, of course).

This illustrates the major problem with "blue america." These people see themselves foremost as citizens of the "world" (whatever that means), and often that means protecting "the world" from Amerika. They fancy themselves as having escaped ’tribalism’, but in fact have created a new form of "morally superior" tribalism. Very sad, and very problematic for the republic.

If the TImes had done something like this in 1943, Bill Keller would be in prison

Oh crimony, in comment 2, the 2nd paragraph should start with "If Osama is getting tattoos..." instead of Saddam, of course. I don’t recall if those newspaper pics of Saddam in his skivvies showed any tattoos or not.

The cartoon doesn’t really capture Osama...if it weren’t for the american armed forces style name tag one might not even know who it is... Osama is 6’4" and a little under 150 lbs... the cartoon tatoo is on an arm that resembles something bubba would have under sleeves...that tatoo of course would be something along the lines of "heart mom"...bubba doesn’t read the times...only pencil necks like Osama do... I think that by making cartoon terrorists fat when they are in fact skinny we are saying something... I am just not sure exactly what...

9: Matt, I don’t say you aren’t serious about defending America if you don’t agree with my posture toward the New York Times in this matter. I do say that if you are, you SHOULD express outrage, etc., toward them. But then, you should have voted for George Bush in 2004 as well. If you didn’t (and I assume you didn’t, from previous posts), you might still be serious about defending America. You just wouldn’t understand what it takes to do it. As for "getting rid" of the NYT, no I don’t want to do that. But I do want to take them down several notches, and get rid of their arrogance. Which is impossible to do if we think of them as a sacred cow.

Mr. Frisk, all well said. And I wonder, would there be such a stink raised over protecting "free speech" if someone like FDR or even Clinton (i.e. a suave Democrat) was in office? The Democrats seriously don’t know how to defend this country against modern enemies; this is not WWII, we’re fighting against a state-less enemy against which we cannot declare war in the traditional sense and thus cannot fight in the traditional sense. The "banking front" of the war is just as vital to our winning this thing as any other part of the war.

Hi Peter

You have really made Osama a cool guy. look the tatoo which he is wearing. He is really looking cool. Is Mr Bush is gonna catch him up anyhow! He has already done a lot more harm to America!

I was intrigued to read today that the Bush Administration asked AT & T for access to phone records even before 9/11 occurred.

OOOOOHHHH .... scary .... phone records, ie information on who you dialed and how long you talked .... ohhhhh scary.

By the way, USA today backed off a bit from its original announcement of this affair.

Anyway, collection of this data is done day in and day out by your telecos. This data is collected on switches that your call is being handled on. Funny thing is, your call could be routed many way across the nation depending upon the circumstances of the various equipment, hitting many different switches, which, naturally, logs the info. So, while your call is held by the Supreme Court as being private, the truth is that it is really not that private all.

What is rather sad about this entire issue is that private companies monitor you a heck of lot more and in more intrusive ways than does the government. Moreover, they then take such data and sell it, with or without your permission, or otherwise use it to their benefit, yet no one or not many people seem to have an issue with that.

But when the government attempts at just using a very small fraction of data, which is not revealing in the content of the transaction, people have a conniption.

Anyway, done with this off topic reply

Thank you, Dale, for that Floyd-the-Barber impression.

"Maybe Osama needs a "Treasury Officials" tattoo, as well?" I thought maybe Osama had a Scooter & Dick tattoo, for all of that helpful information about Valerie Plame.

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