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Headline out of Australia: Lack of Sex Blamed for Low Birth Rate.

Hat tip: Tim Blair.

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They also discovered that the earth is warmer than the "Little Ice Age" of the "long seventeenth century." No comments, Steve? I thought you’d jump all over this.

If you mean yesterday’s NAS report on the "hockey stick," I actually listened in to the live webcast, and have read through some of the full report. The news reports (some of them anyway--Andy Revkin in the NYT actually gets it right) are misleading; while the NAS thinks the hockey stick is "probably" right, they say beyond 400 years ago there is very low confidence in the data, such that we really can’t conclude or make sweeping statements like Michael Mann and the 2001 IPCC report did. So the old headlines that we are now in the warmest period in 2000 years have been modified to say that we’re in the warmest period in 400 years. Who’s backtracking now?

Now we have confirmation that Limbaugh’s oft-repeated line about Abstinence is true, i.e., "it works every time it’s tried." Amazing.

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