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Troops scare illegals

"The arrival of U.S. National Guard troops in Arizona has scared off illegal Mexican migrants along the border as a whole, significantly reducing crossings, according to U.S. and Mexican officials." Along the Arizona border, once the busiest crossing spot, detentions have dropped 23 percent.

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The defeatists who claim that nothing will work to secure the border are simply trying to discourage America from trying. This "troop" effect will be temporary, of course, but there are many measures that will work, and on a much longer term basis (e.g., sanctions against employers). Where there is political will, there is success.

dain, while I agree in general, illegal immigration is a particular problem. There can be a political will among the people that does not translate into the power structure.

That is the case here. Build a fence, then things will start making sense again.

Note that the Mexican government is watching to make sure the troops don’t detain any illegal immigrants- truly, they are a rock of immigrant rights amid a choppy sea of abuse. I also like that the illegal immigrant rights activists claim the drop is a result of a global bad reputation American troops have acquired in Iraq- talk about killing two birds with one stone. Although, some would claim it’s better to be feared than loved.

If it were only the case that the perception of fear could last. Dain’s point is well taken, this drop will only last so long as the troops are feared. When it is widely accepted that the dog is all bark and no bite, the flood will continue.

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