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In today’s Investor’s Business Daily Brian Kennedy, president of The Claremont Institute, offers a clear accounting of our missile defense capabilities and an explanation not only of how they’re inadequate, but why. He describes a possible scenario where North Korea attacks Seattle with one of its nuclear missles and what might be the world response to such an attack. Kennedy concedes that many may find the scenario he paints "fanciful" but the fact of the matter is that most intelligent people reading it will find it quite probable. Read it and pass it on to a friend. You may also want to direct your friend to this very useful page.

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There is that fundamental problem with unthinkable things. How DO you plan against them?

It does seem a shame that the Clinton Administration defunded missle defense. Yet, picking a missile off in mid-flight must be quite a feat, and perhaps we do not not quite have the technology to pull that off, yet. Or so I’ve read. And there is the political problem of coming up with the funds while we are dealing with expensive and not always very popular military conflicts. Although, if someone in Congress hurries up and puts up such a defense proposal this week, such a thing might go through. A new "modest" proposal for defense might be just the thing. Maybe a Democrat could do that and look strong on defense at this seasonable hour.

Sea- and space-based assets should constitute the backbone of a robust, layered U.S. missile defense shield, which ground-based systems should support. Such a shield would be capable of protecting the U.S., its allies, and troops abroad against the threat of a hostile missile attacks from any quarter.

Space based assets? Either these guys are full of baloney or they know allot more than they’re telling us. I suspect the latter, and that’s the way it should be. Now if they can only keep it from the blabbermouths in the print media.

"most intelligent people reading it will find it quite probable."

Could you provide some evidence for that statement? (Please no links to LGF, Worldnut Daily, etc).

Oh, don’t mind that Tom. That’s just some more of Julie’s subtle (well, for her), sideways ad hominem at work. See, if you don’t agree with her Claremont boss, or her, and find it to be "quite probable" then you’re simply not intelligent!!

Thanks for the perspective, Craig. But having read some of Julie’s posts in the past, I understand. After all, anyone who thinks that "Dick Cheney is a hottie" can’t expect to have a lot of cred.

So, does anyone have an answer to my original question?

Where’s the evidence that you don’t hate America, pinko?

Love ya, Hal. After a hard day I needed a laugh and you came through right on schedule!

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