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Israel Losing?

The indispensable Ralph Peters is pessimistic about Israel’s chances.

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It’s a quagmeier!

Yet Israeli miscalculations have left Hezbollah alive and kicking. A conclusory statement without specifics;

This means Israel will suffer painful casualties - more today than if the Israeli Defense Force had gone in full blast at this fight’s beginning. And he gained his military expertise where? He’d send in the light brigade without intelligence and without softening up the enemy by air power and artillery?

And Hezbollah’s had time to get locked and loaded. I see. So they weren’t locked and loaded before. Makes sense.

But the Arab street, Shia and Sunni, has coalesced behind Hezbollah. Saudi and Egyptian government statements are worth about as much as a greeting card from Marie Antoinette on New Year’s Day, 1789. Even assuming the truth of the statement that the Arab street is behind hizb’allah, the Arab street isn’t sending in tanks and neither is the Saudi or Egyptian government. Arab street statements are worth about as much as a promise from Baghdad Bob. I saw a piece on CNN yesterday (not my t.v. and I had no control over the remote). All they could come up with from the "Arab street" was some Syrian street vendor who was selling Nasrallah posters and CDs of anti-Israel rap music or some such foolishness, but he was making a mint -- by Syrian standards.

Syria and Iran are getting a free ride. The war is 9 days old and already it’s a quagmeier.

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