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For some Saturday fun, check out the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat. Could save DailyKos and DDUnderground types a lot of time and their few remaining brain cells.

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If I want real fun, Ill go see you speak at the "Discovery" Institute...where you and the "scientists" can talk about how God, ooops sorry I mean Market Forces, will solve global warming. (assuming of course that it is even happening, I mean the market has already fixed so many problems that I can’t imagine anything actually needs to be done to "fix anything"). (p.s. I love how the ad for it talks about how easily the event is accessed by public transportation...what about info about where I can park my stretch Hummer?)

How come you hate God and America, you ignorant hippie?

Yes, I have stopped beating my wife...thanks for asking.

At last, someone to replace Dean’s speach writer.

Be sure to check out the option features and turn the rant up.


How did you import the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat onto this thread? And why did you change its name to Abbie Hoffman? Is it o.k. to refer to Abbie Hoffman as AVM?

Abbie Hoffman: Good job, bud. Right on cue.

Maybe Hal could be the model for a conservative version of the AVM . . .


Hal’s comment was a direct response to Abbie Hoffman’s rant. The original Abbie Hoffman WAS an ignorant hippie, if you didn’t know, so I don’t think Hal gets the job.

By the way, could it be that this version of Abbie Hoffman is an Ashland dorp out by any chance?

Oh wow. I didn’t realize who Abbie Hoffman was. I’d never heard of him before. Apologies, Hal.

By the way, could it be that this version of Abbie Hoffman is an Ashland drop out by any chance?

Do you know something I don’t know, Uncle Guido?

I, too, love the AVM... but you really ought to give credit to Sean Gleason, its creator.

You can get your own AVM at his site!


Do you know something I don’t know, Uncle Guido?

No, I was just kidding around, intentionally misspelling drop.

Blast. I was hoping for something juicy . . . I even corrected your purposefully misspelled word . . . *sigh*

As prestigious as Ashland is among Brethren affiliated colleges in north central Ohio, I’m afriad I have never had the privilege of attending.


Don’t worry about Hal Holst, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and makes the occasional appearance to maintain the GOP as the Rich White Male club.

On a lighter note, it is worth mentioning that perhaps Ashland’s most famous alumna is the founder of the Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the founder of the "American Atheists." Oh woe Brethern Church, what did you produce?

Also, I responded to your comment on the Lamont Lieberman page.

the founder of the Madalyn Murray O’Hair should read Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Boys and girls...this thread has the lowest info-to-chat content of any I’ve seen. Beware.

Fred -

Now why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that at school? I remember seeing that on Wikipedia awhile back when looking at Ashland University and thinking "That can’t be right". But it was. Why don’t we have an Eagle named after her? Heh . . .


The "Ashland Murray Eagels" doesn’t sound right. However, the "Ashland Atheists" does have a certain ring to it. Perhaps talk to the new President. heh.

No, no. Remember those Eagle statues we have around campus named after different alumni and staff members? I’m talking about one of those. :-D

I always thought Ashland’s most famous alumnus was the Dad from Field of Dreams. No?

Wow. That guy’s been in a lot more stuff than that . . .

I guess he is pretty famous . . .

And Fred - the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of the "Ashland Atheists". Heh.

Why are there no posts about the WSOP?

Any Poker players out there? Lets think about the names of recent winners...Moneymaker...Gold... Can Fung delve into the psychology of last names? Are they formative in any way... do names or nicknames shape our destiny? Statistically speaking how common are last names like Moneymaker or Gold? If I want to win should I change my last name to Cash? Or would such a name just tell others that I am out of aces and lead me to a loss of whiskey to boot? Is this post like a train bound for nowhere, or am I just to tired to sleep...and if I am a Desperado is the queen of hearts really my best friend? Or is that my dog...and do dogs really play poker?

All very serious questions, no? Or perhaps I should like to know if anyone has wrote a book focusing on Nixon’s poker game...he was quite good at it, no? What does the growing popularity of poker mean in terms of the population shift of the United States...will all Nevada counties surpass 400,000...will prostitution come to an end? Why is Texas holdem’ illegal in Texas? And finally to bring this all back the the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat is Mike the "mouth" Matusow...a raving idiot or is he on to something?

Darn, my rant forgot to complain about the federal intrusion into and the geopolitics of Antigua and Barbuda the WTO et least they aren’t going after (it is not what you think...if you search for the white house you can get porn...but wsex will get you the world sports exchange...where you can trade puts options and futures on sports and a whole host of other quantifiable possibilities...but in the end isn’t all just another variation of the battle of ideas/knowledge and the void of uncertainty reduced to mathmatical parameters and ultimately culminating in a clear winner and looser(of course agnostically both sides are even money, and the only true winners are those who host the game...or as the left might say...Gambling is about making money for the casinos as war is about making money for KBR and Lockeheed...of course gambling is good as long as it is for the children...which brings us back to education...which brings us back to the battle of ideas, the quest for knowledge and ultimately the winners and loosers, and if no child is to be left behind...texas will need to raise more than the 1.1 billion it picked up from the lottery(which is really just an idiot tax...used to recover the cost of educating said idiots offspring.) But of course now I am back to asking why Texas outlaws No-Limit Texas Holdem...and I guess it goes back to preserving the mystique of the large outlaw cash games...just as the Spartans underfed their warriors so that they might develop stealth and cunning...Texas suppresses its card players so that they may aquire the skills so necessary to survival in the game itself.

Darn it...I somehow forgot to partially distinquish poker and sports betting from the outright stupidity that is the lottery or games such as craps to a large extent(blackjack is somewhere in between depeding on your MIT status). Some games are battles of truth/wisdom/knowledge and wit...others are blind chance at already horrible taxable odds...which makes me reach the inevitable conclusion that the only justification for the state lotteries is to create a sin tax for stupidity. Apparently the cost of educating and idiot is greater than the cost of educating an intelligent to mitigate against the cost incurred by idiot offspring state lotteries were developed...of course offspring differ by as much as 7 IQ points...but this is as close as we can get. When it comes to games such as poker on the other hand we have by and large in the long run a sort of social darwinism that weeds out the low g participants (not always and completely...but when has evolution ever selected for a single variable so consistently?) The same applies by an large to sports gambling, especially in regards future contracts and the thinking can be extended to examine those who deal with other markets such as the Forex. So what does it really say about society that we are concerned with the low g to the extent that we should rule out games of skill(because they lead to social darwinism which selects winners and loosers on the basis of merit and virtue (but also strongly corrolated to g)), and instead provide blind luck in its if it wasn’t reliance on blind luck that ends up screwing all the low g people in the first place. And if we say that acts of unthinking are to be justified in the name of bringing about thinking(the education of children) what stupidity have we here engendered? What does this say about the status of the ideas we will be teaching them...and how much education trully occurs in the we want to have everyone seeking the unearned, while telling them that we are teaching them facts or Truth, while undermining the grounds of rational conceptualization and thinking? 100% of those who play the lotto are idiots, and 90% of those who enter a casino are...but perhaps I am an idiot for seeking to discourage my prey.

After all educating the children of idiots is going to have to cost someone...and all these posts can do is motivate those entering a Casino to play poker more astutely against me...thus cutting back my profit...but then again I am also about the competition.

So althought what I say is true...few people who are smart are inclined to say it because it is not in their interest. But perhaps I will be read with pleasure when the bells whistles and bright lights are forgotten. Then again, in the battle against the Sirens it is impossible to win (not for the particulars...but for society by and large.) Social Darwinism is an unescapable fact, but perhaps the path is better soothed by having our opiates with it.

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