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Here’s a link every American should know about. Surf away. The biggest issue before the President’s Bioethics Council is now a market in kidneys from live "vendors." One version is that the price for such kidneys be "regulated" or set by Medicare. Read the eloquent if finally misguided testimony by Epstein and Hippen for more.

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Here’s a working link.

Peter, call me and I’ll walk you through the process of linking so that you can become the ueberblogger you’re destined to be.

The original link works on my computer, but thanks, Joe.

Does too now on mine. Sorry for the fussiness.

I couldn’t find any remarks by Epstein and Hippen.
Bioethics is important, but I have some reservations about this President’s Council, based on the quality of remarks recorded on this topic.

Tom I don’t quite know what you mean by "this President’s Council," but read their formal products, their books! One day’s worth of gab isn’t an adequate sampling by any means; the Council’s a process, but they present their best stuff formally ... in their published reports. And they’re not only or merely "we all agree" things; they regularly include personal statements by individual members. I actually think this - with a few days’ exceptions! - is intellectual life and democratic airing of a wide variety of views at, or near, their best.

Read all the background material on organ transplantation, esp. the papers prepared by Cohen and Meilander. And then the testimony by Hippen at the most recent (June) meeting and Epstein the meeting before.

I have read enough (well, read, then scanned) to form an opinion. The Council’s record of deliberations on organ transplants, the burgeoning waiting lists, and the deaths of folks on waiting lists is typical elitist, top down stuff, the same mindset that gave us HillaryCare. I find that Krauthammer, whom I normally admire, has little to say as a member. The discussants co-mingle ethics with economics, when in my mind ethics should be the driving force in a Bioethics Council.

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