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Israel Losing, Part 2

This morning brings two very sobering takes on why and how Israel has let things slip away in Lebanon: J.R. Dunn and Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal. Could this be a preview of the course of the U.S. under our next president?

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How now do these articles stand up against Israel’s propsed intention of a wider ground offensive. And, how can anyone who has not been on the ground in the town Israel vacated state that it was a retreat? If Hezbollah runs away and refuses to fight Israel is that not a defeat for Hezbollah? Given Israels stated intention not to occupy territory, if Israel then leaves the town how is that a retreat? Obviously keeping Hezbollah out permanently requires an occupation. Occupation doesn’t work. The only long term solution is to stop Iran and Syria from rearming and supporting these groups.

"This war is over, and Hezbollah has won."

This only confirms my worst fears of last Friday. The West has effectively blinked.

Pity that. Now, what would Jesus do? Has Gerson and Brownback any plans to interpret the love and compassion necessary in a world soon to be held hostage by Islamo-fascists, armed with nuclear weapons? Leeden’s about got it right, it’s "the thirties all over again," and the West is blinded by it’s entitlements.

Not long ago, somebody said love needs to be tough. If so, the only ones displaying toughness today are the Islamo-fascists. And they’re playing our limp-wristed, girly men WOT diplomacy for all it’s worth.

Yes, another tirade, I know. But, daggone it, I feel so damn helpless!

sHezbollah’s Iwo Jima Delusion

Anyone despairing of Israel’s chances in this new conflict aught to read this sensible article from the American Thinker. There is more going on than what’s being shown on CNN and the BBC!

Patience Publius, Jr.

Jumping to conclusions is an occupational hazard for a blogger and, I might add, a reader of blogs

Israel, does not understand that Lebanese, like Palestinians; trust no one but themselves. Israel has to also remember that no matter where this war will take them, they will sooner or later negotiate to release their ‘Prisoners of War’. So, why waste all this time and lives? You will end up having hundreds if not thousands killed (on both sides)

After visiting her web site, I think perhaps Gina Kay sees things more clearly than the rest of us.

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