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Israel Winning?

Several folks have linked to sources that dispute Bret Stephens and other pessimists. And here’s another analyst who thinks Israel is winning. I link, you decide.

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Celebrating his 18th year of "broadcast excellence," Rush Limbaugh, yesterday, offered a more positive spin on the war by pinning the negativity squarely on what he calls the "drive by media":

There are more and more stories of how the Israelis are "losing" this. I’m beginning to have my doubts about this, by the way. I think the Israelis are performing a... Well, I’m not going to characterize it, but I think they are accomplishing much more and there’s much more strategic plan under way than might appear to be the case on the surface. Look, the evidence is mounting -- and notice how the great Drive-By Media in our country just accepted whatever the enemy told them and showed them and ran with it.

The "fog of war" always clouds the ability to get a bead on what’s actually happening, but add to that the anti-semitic tilt of the media, the liberal-leaning of the Israelis, as well as the constant drone of diplo-speak from Bush, Blair and, especially Condi Rice, it is easy to conclude that things ain’t going well over there.

One things for sure, this is an important, perhaps, watershed battle in WOT. If Hezbolluah emerges from this battle bruised but still breathing, they have won. And the future looks mighty dark indeed.

Why are we calling this anything other than what it is? Iran’s war on Israel using it’s paid mercenary army hezbollah.

Pure and simple. The only way to win this is to (one way or another) wipe out Iranian support. Syria is just an Iranian puppet state.

They’re saying in US that they have destroyed 80 % of hezbollah’s strenght. But facts are showing their lies.

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