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Plame leak solved?

Richard Armitage at the State Department was the person responsible for the Valerie Plame leak, according to a new book by Micahel Isikoff of Newsweek and David Corn of The Nation.

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The whole thing never amounted to more than a bucket of warm spit.

But, hey, anything that busts President Bush’s chops beats real news anyday.

It seems that special prosecutor Fitzgerald has known for a couple of years that it was Armitage....and yet has kept working. What does that mean?

When may we expect our liberal friends to apologize to Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove?

I probably wasted a cumulative 3-5 hours over the past few years trying to keep up with this kerfluffle. Curses upon every Dem/journalist who brought us this most boring of non-scandals ever. The only amusing part was that ridiculous photo of Ms. Plame in a scarf.

All the investigation has turned up so far is a White House Administration member who lied under oath about something that was not illegal.

That’s it. He should still be busted for it in some manner, but ...

is this investigation was a bust.

I liken this investigation to a no-knock drug raid on a house that results in discovery of a marijuana joint or two. Enough to get someone busted, but truly not enough to justify or warrant the time, the risk, or the expense of the raid.

Here’s the real scoop:

Dick Cheney, cleverly disguised as Valerie Plame, recommended to some FBI guys, cleverly disguised as CIA guys, to send Valerie Wilson’s hubby, Joe Wilson, to Niger, on a secret mission to serve Saddam Hussein radioactive yellow cake and green tea.

So, Joe Wilson, cleverly disguised as Valerie Plame, went to Niger. But when he got there, he found out that Saddam Hussein, cleverly disguised as his Vatican Ambassador/nuclear weapons expert had already left Niger and, while he did try to get yellow cake, he did not want any green tea and the Nigerians would not sell him any yellow cake without the green tea so Saddam left Niger without yellow cake.

Karl Rove, cleverly disguised as George Bush, correctly stated in a State of the Union Address that Saddam Hussein tried to get radioactive yellow cake in Africa. George W. Bush, cleverly disguised as Joe Wilson, called himself a liar.

Richard Armitage, cleverly disguised as Scooter Libby, told Bob Woodstein (or was it Carl Bernward?), cleverly disguised as Kim Novak (a popular actress from way before my time), that Valerie Plame was actually Valerie Wilson, in clever sunglasses and scarf disguise.

Finally, Janet Reno, cleverly disguised as "Special" Prosecutor Fitzgerald, accused Scooter Libby of the Federal Crime of Illegally Remembering a Conversation Differently than a Democratic Propagandist, Cleverly Disguised as a Journalist.

U.G., I am trying to picture Dick Cheney in the scarf and sunglasses and think it might be a most effective disguise.

Ok, I live in Ohio, and am never really needing to know inside DC stuff, but I never knew or cared about Valerie Plame until her own husband made a stink about her "cover" being blown. Out here, in middle America, a name mentioned in a Novak column means nothing. Until Joe Wilson "view halooed" his wife in the press, we neither knew nor cared, and even then, knowing, our caring was at a serious minimum.

Such things come to resemble media marketing schemes. What a constant and tedious effort for them to find something that will grab the jading attention of the public, to sell themselves and their sponsors. "Attend!, Attend!" and we feel caught in some other tedious thing. Of course, poor Mr. Libby is caught up in something, that while tedious, will surely be expensive for him in more ways than one.

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