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Prejudice, take 2

Watch the video here.

I wonder if Sondjata, who’s quite willing to accuse others of hatred, thinks this qualifies.

McKinney and her supporters continue to believe and continue to blame open primaries for her defeat:

Some voting rights advocates said that while crossover voting might be legal, it violated the spirit of the Voting Rights Act and the Constitution because it effectively negated the right of a group — in Ms. McKinney’s case, black voters — to nominate the candidate of their choice.

“There’s case law that says one party can’t interfere in another party’s primary,” said Mike Raffauf, a lawyer who filed a 2002 lawsuit in federal court against the State of Georgia on Ms. McKinney’s behalf.

So should we have whites only and blacks only primaries? If not, how far should we go in demanding that people prove their fealty to a party before permitting them to vote? Should we demand proof that they voted "the right way" in previous elections? Bring back the smoke-filled rooms, I say!

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Can the term "cuckold" apply here (without the connection to sex)? Why did that word disappear from popular use? It certainly seems to reflect a thing or two about human nature.

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