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Public opinion and the culture wars

In this week’s TAE Online column, I ruminate on the Pew poll released last week.

This is, for the moment at least, my last week column for The American Enterprise. James Glassman, the new editor, has plans that right now don’t include regular daily columns on the website.

I guess I’ll have to find other venues for my slightly more formal pontifications. But I am of course grateful for the opportunity I had there, and continue to have here.

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"...I think that it’s premature to announce that, despite the best efforts of “extremists” on both sides, the culture wars aren’t now happening and/or never will happen."

You sound positively disappointed! Well, at the very least, you seem to be a consistent booster of wars of all types. Let’s pray that this war will happen.

Nice analysis, Joe, mainly because you made distinctions where the poll(sters) didn’t. Plus, you have a sense of what principled politics (on both - or all - sides) entails.

Sorry to hear that Glassman’s dropping your column (and all columns). Let us know when, and where, you find a new home. Plus, you can increase your contribution here at NLT.

Given that Glassman’s a libertarian, Joe, I wonder how welcome your (more socially conservative) opinions would be on his watch at TAE. Looking at TechCentralStation, the embodiment of Glassman’s editorial philosophy, I kind of doubt your point of view would be embraced to any great degree.

I, too, was wondering what Glassman’s appointment indicated about a change in editorial direction.

Since AEI isn’t the Cato Institute, and TAE isn’t Reason, I wouldn’t assume that Glassman would close the magazine’s pages to other forms of conservatism. All I know is that the magazine--and eventually, I assume--will have a new look.

Of course, all three of my fans here could send emails to Glassman begging him to continue running my columns....

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