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Welcome Peter!

Lawler, that is. (The Other Peter needs no welcoming.) Now Knippenberg has some competition! As soon as Lawler learns how to link, it’ll be all over. Sort of like when Paul Johnson junked his typewritter for a word processor.

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As my son once would have said (he knows better now), "what am I, chopped lumber?!?"

But seriously, with Schramm, Hayward, and Lawler, this blog ought to start making some serious noise.

What if it is just a giant fart sound?

Tell him welcome to Trollville.

Welcome to dain-calls-everyone-a-trollville.

Honestly, Abbie and troll, this blog got along pretty well without either of you, and I think it will continue to do so. With the likes of Fung, Craig Scanlon, and the (currently gone) Brian Coughlan, we are able to engage in discussion with dissenters beyond both of your childish contributions (Abbie, you’ve engaged in discussion before, but come on).

Is the blog just bad and boring enough to keep the both of you around searcing the comment page? How’s that image in the mirror?

Surely dain’s contribution was no less childish than mine.

Au contraire, monsiuer! It was simply my way of telling "Abbie" that gross sniping wasn’t "cool." That goes for you, too, trog.

I’m with dain; AH’s initial comment was gratuitously insulting. It certain prsented him "in a bad odor."

I guess it was a bad joke, sorry if I offended. I frequently cross the line between being childlike and childish. Besides, a good fart now and then does a body good.

Welcome back, Mr. Hoffman. Just to let you know, I’m a fan of Aristophanic humour. Since I don’t know you, I misread your quip. I assure you, we men of the mouth (i.e., academics) are among the very first to make fun of our own pontificating.

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