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Democrats and abortion yet again

This article explains why Democrats for Life came up with its own bill, and also makes clear to any who didn’t already know it that the timing of these proposals has everything to do with election-year posturing and nothing to do with any genuine expectation of legislation.

Let me go further: if either of these proposals, sponsored by a tiny proportion of the Democrats in the House, actually succeed in persuading folks to vote for Democratic candidates in November, they’re even less likely to become law. After all, a Democratic House majority is unlikely to go along with anything that casts doubt upon moral neutrality of choice.

For more, go here (a statement by Rep. Lincoln Davis [D-TN], the bill’s sponsor), here (a statement by Kristen Day of Democrats for Life), and here.

This from the Chattanooga paper is interesting:

Jeff Teague, president of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, said his group supports efforts to reduce abortions. But he said Rep. Davis’ bill lacks programs for promoting contraceptives as a prevention method.

The government first should fully fund programs that provide people with access to birth control and a comprehensive sex education program that goes beyond abstinence, he said.

"The problem is not that too many women are having abortions," Mr. Teague said. "It is that too many women are facing unintended pregnancies. Why don’t we prevent the pregnancies in the first place?"

And in the article Davis denies that it’s an election-year ploy. Right. I’m sure he’s sincere, but he’s providing cover for folks who will never vote for his measure.

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Teague’s statements are foolish. Birth control is readily accessible and cheap enough for anyone who wants to use it. This has been true for 35 years and hasn’t done anything to reduce the number of abortions in this country. More government funding isn’t going to do a thing except to spend more tax-payer money uselessly. Of course, as a president of Planned Parenthood, he mocks the only non-legislative action that would significantly cut down on the number of abortions - abstinence outside of marriage.

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