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Is Dubai the "impossible city"? "On the one hand, it’s more cosmopolitan than eastern Germany and southern Italy, more tolerant than Poland or Louisiana, and consumers spend more here than in Munich or Madrid. But on the other hand it’s a dictatorship, almost a rogue state, a desert regime without a parliament or a political opposition, without trade unions, political parties or associations. All books and newspapers are subject to censorship. Sharia law is observed, including corporal punishment, and all Jews are strictly banned from entering the country." (via Arts and Letters Daily).

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Ahhh the realities of life under moderate Islam.

Is this Osama’s nightmare or is this the authors nightmare? Dubai also has an indoor ski a building the size of the Superdome...but much longer. Dubai is all about extravagance...about building the tower of every sense. Is Dubai the impossible city or the only possible city? Dubai is a city based upon a different God...Dubai is a city were the next best thing to 72 virgins can be had for $300 a pop or $21600. If the Middle East was the United States, Dubai would be Vegas. What happens in Dubai stays in Dubai.

"They’re going to have fist-sized filet steaks down in the mezzanine, and they’ll drink blood-red Brunello wine with their meal. But they won’t enjoy it." Says who? If this is true..."They talk about the time when Dubai was a village without fresh water and about how they had to wash in the sea, about how they played with stones and camels when they were small. Then, the world beyond the desert and the sea was something they knew only from faded pictures." and this is true..."Together, they dispose of more money than many German cities. They’ve earned it with construction projects, and by investing in the publishing business and in industrial plants. They’ve been involved in the cattle and milk industries, and in the oil industry." Then they know how far they have come...they don’t fear life...they don’t feel alienated because somehow the whole thing is a mirage.... Fuck would it be any more real and would they enjoy it more if they were still stuck buring camel dung to cook a piece of crusty goat be eaten with a sun blistered tomato...and washed down with dusty yellow water?

The author of this article is a real asshole... a true Bourgeois that has never seen the state of nature...he can take his Rousseauist cave-loving tendencies and shove them.

Sounds like they’ve adopted the Muslim version of the Singapore model.

Not quite true - I am a Jew, I have been to UAE dozens of time and I even have an Israeli stamp in my US passport.

When it comes to "decent" Arab regimes you could do a lot worse then UAE - Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi, Syria, etc and so on are far, far worse. Of course to be the least rotten apple in the cart ain’t saying much.

you know what people you will never understand Dubai as you all never were born there i am a Jordanian Turkish Dubai and i am 23 years
i have seen dubai growing infront of my eyes and how it had developed and become a well known city
you who talks about islam u know deep down your heart that its the real truth islam and yes its a moderate one and no dubai is not imitating singapore why everytime people get a good reputation they start saying haa yeah they have imitated this city and soever
people plz just stop envying thoes whom u think they came from the camels stones and deserts they are the best people and the most loyal people to others but you JEW will never appreciate Arab and MUSLIMS specifically because everyone knows whom are you and what you have done before thousands of year.....

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