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It’s after Labor Day

Polls show that races are getting tighter. This WaPo article argues that economic woes will hurt incumbents (read: Republicans), though the issue cut the same way in 2004, and look how that came out. (Of course, without the President on the ballot, national security won’t likely be as big an issue.)

E.J. Dionne, Jr. thinks the North will rise again to help Democrats.

Stay tuned.

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The election is all about Bush. His approval is up slightly and so are the GOP numbers. If he could muscle his approval rating to 48 or so by election the House could be saved. If it remains significantly beneath 50%, the GOP will lose.

It would best if Bush’s numbers improved, certainly. But just as the Democrats don’t need a "positive agenda" in order to win Congress, neither do the Republicans. Similarly, we needn’t ask the voters to give Bush a thumbs-up. Primarily, we must educate them about how radically irresponsible the Democrats are. The message is not hard to craft. Since the Democrats control the major media, it is difficult to put across to the median voter. But heartfelt, passionate, simple repetition and laserlike focus can go a long way. We’ll see if the Republicans can do that.

The economy is doing just fine and gas prices are headed down. If the economy figures into the election, doesn’t it stand to help the GOP, especially if energy prices continue their decline?

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