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Japan and normality

Japan’s Princess Kiko gave birth Wednesday to a male heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne, ending a potential crisis of succession in the world’s oldest continuous monarchy. George Will notes that the famous pacifist Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution will end up (read, already has) bowing to normality (reality): Japan will become (is) a military power, with a military budget already larger than Britain’s or Germany’s. Will North Korea provoke it to become nuclear? Congratulations to Princess Kiko.

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Blast. I suppose this means the chances of having a female on the throne are gone for another 40-something years?

Oops. I forgot to give a hearty "Bonzai!" in celebration.

If the Emperor isn’t careful he’ll be ruling a whole lot of nuthin’. Japan is in deep demographic trouble, and although their diversity is slowly rising, they are a unique people...distinct language, ethnicity, culture. Much will be lost if they don’t remember how to marry and have children...for them and for the world.

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