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Rat Choice Theory--Part 4

The pope’s Tuesday speech is getting more controversial. And it is possible to wonder whether he made a diplomatic error. But also attend to the wisdom of the Archbishop of Canterbury quoted in this BBC link. I have to admit that I didn’t study the Rat words mainly with Muslim sensibilities in mind, but it’s still clear that his intention was to encourage rational dialogue among the world’s great religions.

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Was his "diplomatic error" contrived?

We know that the Pope is deadly in earnest in opposition to Turkey entering the European Union, for a variety of reasons, such as cultural, demographic and religious. Could his statement have been intended to reveal a hidden strain in Turkey, which when viewed by Europeans, would surely spell the doom of Turkey’s hopes for entry. I think he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. This was no "error," this was "intended."

If the Pope is even remotely serious about restoring the Catholic soul to Western Europe, indeed, to the entirety of Europe, then he has to stop islam gaining any further traction and power within Europe, and that means he has to stop the islamic shadow that increasingly looms large over Europe’s future. And he has to stop the demographic tsunami. But he won’t be so politically indelicate to come right out and baldly say as much, so he might look to make some "controversial" statements, recalling the harsh truths of yesteryear, and just watch the chips fall where they may.

I would be very wary before deeming anything this man did a "mistake." Recall his speech BEFORE the papal conclave, which everyone thought spelt his doom for his papal chances........ Remember that. It wasn’t inadvertent at all, and we can see that clear in retrospect.

I agree with Dan. It seems unlikely that this was a blunder. I hadn’t considered the reasons Dan put forward, but I find them compelling. My initial thinking was that of all the people in the world, the one person who could say what needed saying and avoid the easy dismissal, it would be the Pope.

Mega-dittoes, Dan and AZ. Right you both are.

I agree that there was no unintentional diplomatic error, and that a large part of his intention, is to restore the meaning of Europe in all its "universalisms." In addition to the pope’s other writing, see Manent’s work on this. So thanks Dan and AZ.

May the Pope not fall into the hands of the Vatican PR guys, or the diplomats. He should explain more fully exactly what he said and meant. It was a scholarly lecture about what is true. We need a sequel in the same spirit. Please, God, don’t let him commit a Larry Summers.

So far he has refined the key distinction between regrets (just good manners) and an apology (which would be apologizing for telling the truth).

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