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I like Kathleen Parker’s take on the Clinton interview, his narcissism and "his inner Gollum."  

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I have read many reader comments on various websites regarding this interview. I did not see the entire interview, but have read the transcript. Clinton kept referring to the 8 months that the Bush administration had to corner Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, but the 8 years he had in office to do the same were simply not to be questioned? I appreciate the fact that he admitted certain failures, but to blame the Bush administration for the piddly few months they had to fully assess and address the situation were not enough. And no one can convince me that if President Bush had immediately taken out a hit on Bin Laden - there would have been no one crying "Foul" for going after the man who threatened his daddy. There’s been plenty of that accusation out there as it is...

Bush need not have tried to corner and catch OBL. But, it would have been nice, I think, if he had taken Clinton’s explicit warning entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike within the U.S.," or words to that effect, seriously. That is, he might have tried to prevent a successful attack against the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon. But, he was too smart for that; just like he was too smart to take seriously the warnings about New Orleans, the complexity of Iraq, Global Warming, budget deficits, raising taxes. Those are all pretty much Clinton’s fault, and way beneath the notice of our president.

Hey, smart guy, I hope you realize that Clinton had the same explicit warning in 1998. Read all about it...and shut up.

Hey, don’t tell me to shut up. How many years has Bush had now to catch OBL? Huh, smart guy? How many soldiers, spies, and allies have been mobilized in how many countries, and where is bin Laden? Are you suggesting that it would NOT have been nice for Bush to catch bin Laden? All of this anti Clinton energy is simply a way to get people to forgive Bush for his immense failure in Afghanistan, and in Iraq, as well as at home. That objective will be much easier, won’t it, if people like me shut up?

Not gonna happen, so YOU might as wll shut up.

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