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Interesting nugget on exit polling from Michael Barone’s latest column:

The late Warren Mitofsky, who conducted the 2004 NEP exit poll, went back and found that the greatest difference between actual results in exit poll precincts and the reports phoned in to NEP came where the interviewers were female graduate students -- and almost all the discrepancies favored the Democrats.

Not sure whether this says something about polling, or about female graduate students.

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What was that Churchill line about wish becoming father to thought?

No, but it certainly says something about Democrat female grad students!

It could be that these particular interviewers were unable to conceal their contempt -- via tone of voice, body language -- for white males who don’t look obviously liberal, and for married white women who don’t look obviously liberal. These groups being rough proxies for likely Republicans,
Republicans might not have agreed to be interviewed, might even have deliberately avoided any contact with the dreaded representatives of the media elite -- young, unmarried-looking, intellectual-looking women.

Or it could be that such interviewers were reluctant, out of hatred or fear, to approach people who looked Republican.

The findings are fascinating, but on reflection, not surprising -- especially in such an emotionally charged election.

So obviously polling itself has a liberal bias.

I don’t buy True Right’s theory about this, because it implies that Republicans don’t want to talk to college girls. EVERYBODY wants to talk to college girls. Or it implies that Republicans will lie about their party affiliation to impress college girls, which would be a particularly craven accusation.

I don’t blame people for not wanting to talk to pollsters though. Polls are annoying and there is nothing in it for the subject, unless the college girl wants to go out with him.


While "EVERYBODY" certainly does want to talk to college girls, it’s not true they would want to talk to them in such a confrontational situation.

I chalk this up to simple activism. Fact is, most conservatives have other priorities than taking part in political activism - which is what polls are (and EVERYBODY knows it). Dem’s, are the more natural activists shouting on the corner (all part of being a lefty). So, until the pollsters learn to get an accurate sample (not sure how - I will never actively or willingly participate), they will always be skewed to the left...

It’s funny, I’ve never heard polling described as a confrontational situation before. Usually it’s someone asking you what you think, writing down your opinions, and thanking you. Please, tell me about your more memorable poll fights.

You know, I was kidding about the polling having a left-wing bias thing. Is this really a new meme? Is there anything you convervatives AREN’T being treated unfairly over? Are you the victims of everything? It’ll be carpool lanes next... liberals use energy efficient cars more, so they have an unfair advantage in city driving. Traffic has a liberal bias.

Only conservatives who believe the agenda driven pollsters’ results are victimized, and such dupes have only themselves to blame for falling victim to such silliness.

Quite the contrary, libs are the ones who believe themselves to be the victims of everything: non-existant racism, gender and sexual orientation bias, they’re victims of tax cuts, victims of evangelical conservatives, victims of pro-lifers, etc., etc., etc. They are so victimized by conservatives’ insensitivity in putting candidates’ signs out that they feel compelled to walk right up onto the properties of the conservatives to steal those insensitive signs. A moonbat was the victim of a George Allen supporter tackling him yesterday. Never mind the fact that he pushed several Allen supporters before he was tackled. Never mind the fact that the tackler was twice his age and half his size. HE WAS A VICTIM, BY GUM! CNN said so!

No, Daniel K, conservatives don’t think of themselves as victims. We just replace the stolen signs, replace the slashed tires and allow useful idiot libs, such as Kerry, to dig themselves into "wholes." We are entertained by the sights and sounds of them digging themselves in deeper.

And no, polling having a left wing bias is not a new meme. Polling has been left wing agenda driven at least as far back as 1992, when I first began to pay attention to it and probably goes back to the Carter-Reagan campaign. Over the years, many Democrats, picked by the pollsters to win, have lost. Name one Republican, over the last 14 years, picked by the pollsters to win, who has lost...just one. You can’t do it, because it’s never happened. The pollsters always give Democrats better numbers than they deserve.

And one other observation about the pollsters: They always say, in the 2 weeks before the election, that the races are tightening. My theory about that is that either they’re hedging their bets or they realize they’ve gone too far in predicting Democrats’ success.

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