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Here’s the most thoughtful of the Democratic libertarian articles so far. The collapse of the corporate safety net--reflected, for example, in the replacement of reliable pensions with chancy 401Ks--will cause people to demand that government do more to provide for their security. Our sophisticates--our nouveau libertarian Democrats--favor increased personal permissiveness and the enjoyment of all the benefits of a meritocracy that lavishly rewards the smart and the pretty combined with government protection from all the downsides of individualistic erosion of all our social safety nets. Not to mention government protection from second-hand smoke and trans-fatty foods.

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Well I for one have long expected a huge sellout of us baby boomers to the Dems for social services, in order to make up for our feckless youth. Not the least of which is for health insurance to keep from having to lose everything we own in a medical bankruptcy. And they’ll have to pad social security for us--that’s all many of us have.

Plus I know quite a few fellow fiftysomethings that REALLY frittered away their time & have no SS at all, due to working off the books most their lives, or living off their parents. The holy grail with them is getting SSI, medicare and Section 8 housing, and inheriting their parents’ homes to live in or sell off.

Well, God or at least not me knows where the link went...And I can’t remember where I got it.

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