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Harvard’s Robert Putnam, of Bowling Alone fame, has a new study out on the downside of diversity. This should cause some consternation in the faculty lounge.

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Professor Putnam’s advice at the end of the article is both puzzling and troubling. He says "What we shouldn’t do is to say that they [immigrants] should be more like us. We should construct a new us." How, and out of what exactly, are we to construct this "new us?" Isn’t the diversity problem such that once we recognize all identities none of us are recognized? Perhaps the lack of trust is a product of the fact that the new arrivals, or our easy embrace of the new arrivals, increasingly diminishes the goodness of the old us.

Maybe the obvious stupidity of "construct a new us" is Putnam’s squishy way of saying: "There is no answer to this problem that I can think of. But I assure you, liberal gate-keepers, that I will talk about these inconvenient findings in the proper, PC spirit."

"Constructing a new us" is his ticket to the next consulting gig.

Yea, it’s his bread-and-butter, but liberals really need to believe that ascribed statuses will simply fade away. Funny thing is, they hope to accelerate this by reminding us about race/gender/sexual orientation every 5 minutes, and by setting up special treatments/benefits for their mascot groups. Stupid people, really...unless they aren’t sincere, and see the whole multicultural "program" as a means to gain power. In that case, they are just malevolent and WE are the stupid ones...particularly the Libertarians among us.

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