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Back in the 1980s, BusinessWeek used to be known as the only anti-business business magazine, in part for its Keynesianism and parroting of the Democrats’ talking points about Reagan’s tax cuts. Vindication! The current issue of The New Republic offers lefty John Judis talking about how BusinessWeek was his favorite business magazine. Part of his explanation really gives the game away:

I have read BusinessWeek regularly for 30 years. I began reading it on the advice of the late Michael Harrington, the socialist agitator and author of The Other America. Mike used to pepper his speeches calling for capitalist reform with supporting evidence from this eminently capitalist journal, which he regarded as the best of the news magazine.

Meanwhile, head over to Michael Barone’s blog, where you will find the unexpected headline "Hurray for Hillary." Excerpt:

That’s a headline you haven’t seen before in this blog. But I mean it. It’s inspired by these excerpts from an interview she held with the editorial board of the Daily News in New York. What do I like about the interview?

No. 1, she avoids the "Bush lied, people died" mantra, which tends to delegitimize our effort in Iraq. Instead, she says, not unreasonably, "We have to deal with the Iraq we have, not the Iraq we wish we had." That sounds to me like someone who is thinking realistically about a responsibility that might be hers starting Jan. 20, 2009.

Happy Friday.

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"No. 1, she avoids the "Bush lied, people died" mantra, which tends to delegitimize our effort in Iraq."

No, instead she goes to the Senate floor to hold up a newspaper headline that says "BUSH KNEW!"

We have absolutely no reason to think that the policies she would choose as president would be any different than the diastrous policies she chose as co-president. Aside from her delightful blend of Methodism and Maoism, the real reason she should never be allowed to see the White House again except driving by in the back of a squad car headed to Allenwood, is this: Billy Dale.

She was perfectly willing to use the full power of the government to railroad a completely innocent man and have him rot in prison for years--simply to avoid taking a hit in a 24-hr. news-cycle for giving his job to her Hollywood pals.

You and I and anyone else who might stand in the way of her ambition are all Billy Dale to this power-mad Madame Ceausescu of Chappaqua.

No thanks.

There’s a cover story about Hillary in this month’s Atlantic. The gist of the article is that she’s not committed to anything except the pursuit of power.

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