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Funniest Radio I’ve Ever Heard

Hugh Hewitt did a revealing interview today with Andrew Sullivan whose book, The Conservative Soul, is making the review/promotion rounds this week. It was a good (and lengthy) interview and you can hear it here. But I mention that only in passing. The best reason to listen to the interview is to give yourself some context for listening to the parody of the interview that came from James Lileks. (The parody is available at the same link as the one above for Sullivan’s interview.) It was beautifully brilliant and hilarious in every way. You simply must do yourself this favor and give yourself this gift of laughter! I am still laughing and I will laugh every time anyone ever mentions a tornado to me again! (I’m being deliberately cryptic here . . . go listen and you’ll get it!) It hits the spot about now, doesn’t it?

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This is one of the funniest radio moments I’ve heard in a long time. Thanks Julie.

The real interview with Andrew Sullivan was actual kind of annoying. He was extremely defensive from the very beginning. Didn’t really learn much about anything, but I have lost pretty much all respect for Sullivan I’d acquired over the past few years.

Andrew--but that was the whole point! Sorry you had to listen to the whole Sullivan interview to get to the punchline in Lileks . . . I might have just mentioned that you need only hear about 15 minutes of it to get the gist--then move on to Lileks. Still, it was instructive.

You just need to read Sullivan’s blog for 2 minutes to understand the gist of Lileks’s parody.

Sheesh, I’m not at all sure where the funny stuff came in, but I found that interview to be unbearable to listen to. Good grief, Sullivan is a such a cad. I don’t think I’ve ever listen to someone who managed to be both nauseatingly rude and pathetic, at least to this degree, at the same time

Ok, I get it... James Lileks as Andrew Sullivan was brilliantly funny. Har! Thank you!

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