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Germans leaving

Germans are in bad shape. In 2004 the number of Germans leaving their country was greater than the number of immigrants moving in. There were 145,000 German emigrants and 128,000 immigrants. Most went to the U.S. Some encourage emigration from the continent altogether. A bit depressing.

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God, who wants these people? Stand and fight...have children, defend your heritage. I can’t express my disgust at this attitude.

The Steyn book, America Alone puts this in perspective. What an eye opening book.

Whaaa? How is this possible? People are leaving Germany, with its cradle-to-grave welfare system, its six weeks of mandated vacations, its national health insurance? Surely it can’t be true--particularly the part about them coming to America, with its wholly inadequate safety net!

Peter, do you know that your first link references an article IN GERMAN? How elitist! :)
Dain, by "these people" are you referring to Muslims immigrating to Germany or Germans emigrating to here?
John, perhaps it shows that no matter how good the infrastructure is, people can always be motivated by fear of the dark man.

The current issue of the Economist also has an article on the problem.

Well, on the bright side, Germany’s population density will go down a bit and maybe those immigrants will all become German citizens, so hey, no harm done. But really, since Germany didn’t help us accomplish our mission(s) in Iraq, then who cares what happens to ’em?? Also, how did I KNOW that dain would be the first to comment on this thread???

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